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How to Use the Microscope

Carry the histology microscope with one hand around the arm of the microscope and the other hand under the base of the microscope. It should be carried close to your body, and not with your arms outstretched.

The microscope should be placed about six inches (a comfortable distance) from the table edge with the eyepieces towards your body. The microscope arm should be towards you.

Remove the dust cover and plug in the cord. Make sure that any excess cord is not dangling over the edge of the table, where you could get entangled into it. Extra cord should be on the table.

Clean all of the optical surfaces. Use only lens paper and distilled water for this purpose. Place a drop of distilled water on the lens paper and rub the lens surface gently. Use a dry portion of the paper to polish the lens dry. Clean the objectives and eyepieces.

Lower the stage. Place a clean histology slide on the stage. The histology slide should be centered with specimen side up. Secure the histology slide in place using the mechanical stage clips.

The microscope should be started with the lowest power objective in place. The lowest power objective is the shortest objective. Always begin viewing a slide with the lowest power objective.


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