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Diffusion, Osmosis and Carrier Mediated Transport: Videos and Interactive Animations

How Diffusion Works (McGraw Hill)

Passive Transport (zeroBio)

The Cell Passive Transport: Diffusion (Wisc-Online)

Activity: Membrane Transport (Benjamin Cummings)

How Facilitated Diffusion Works (McGraw Hill)

Passive Transport: Filtration and Facilitated Diffusion (Wisc-Online)

How Osmosis Works (McGraw Hill)

The Cell Passive Transport: Osmosis (Wisc-Online)

Tonicity (zeroBio)

How the Sodium-Potassium Pump Works (McGraw Hill)

The Sodium-Potassium Exchange Pump-2 (McGraw Hill)

The Sodium Potassium Exchange Pump-3(McGraw Hill)

The Cell Transport Processes Requiring ATP (Wisc-Online)

Cellular Transport (Wiley)

Phagocytosis (McGraw Hill)

Endocytosis and Exocytosis (McGraw Hill)


Passive Transport


Active Transport


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