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Muscle: Videos and Interactive Animations

Actin Myosin Crossbridge 3 D Animation (San Diego State University)

Action Potentials and Muscle Contraction (McGraw Hill)

Breakdown of ATP and Cross-bridge Movement During Muscle Contraction (McGraw Hill)

Function of the Neuromuscular Junction (McGraw Hill)

Myofilament Contraction (McGraw Hill)

Sarcomere Contraction (McGraw Hill)

Muscle and Connective Tissue (Wisc-Online)

The Structure of the Muscle Organ (Wisc-Online)

Neuromuscular Junction (Wisc-Online)

Muscle Cell Contraction (Wisc-Online)

Muscle Contraction (Sumanas Inc.)

Muscle Contraction (Thomson Brooks/Cole)

Neuromuscular Junction Activity (McGraw Hill)

Contraction of Skeletal Muscle



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